You and I have something pretty cool in common: we both use mobile phones, just like everyone else peeking at this, including your future and current customers. Think about it, with over 6.71 billion people glued to their mobile screens worldwide, tapping into that with SMS marketing is like hitting a gold mine for your business.

Let's dive into what SMS marketing is all about. We'll cover the different types, the perks it brings to the table, some smart moves to make it work wonders for you, and strategies that'll not just keep you in the game but way ahead of your competition. 

Ready to explore? Let's get started.

What is SMS Marketing? 

Imagine being able to drop a message right into your customers' pockets, anytime. That's SMS marketing for you. It's all about using those short, snappy text messages to let your customers and potential buyers know about the cool stuff you're offering. Whether it's a hot sale, a gentle nudge about an appointment, or a heads-up that their package is on the way, SMS has got you covered.

Now, why choose SMS over, say, shooting an email? Well, for starters, texts have an insane open rate of 98%. Compare that to emails' 20%, and you're looking at a game where your message is almost guaranteed to be seen. Plus, people are more likely to click through from a text, with a 9.18% click-through rate, leaving emails eating dust at 2.5%.

So, if you've got something to say that's short and sweet, and you want to make sure it's seen and acted upon, SMS marketing is your golden ticket. Whether it's letting folks know about an upcoming sale or just spreading the word about your business, texts get your message across loud and clear.

Types of SMS text marketing campaigns

Let's break down the SMS marketing world into bite-sized pieces, shall we? Think of SMS marketing as your secret weapon to catch your audience's attention. Here are three killer types you should know about:

Promotional SMS Marketing Campaigns

  • Who doesn't love a good deal popping up on their phone? Promotional texts are all about making your audience's day with sweet deals. We're talking discounts, coupons, and those special offers that make people think, "Heck yes, I'm in!" But here's the kicker: you need a killer call to action (CTA). Give them a reason to jump on your offer, and watch the magic happen.

Transactional SMS Marketing Campaigns

  • Ever get a text reminding you about your dentist appointment or that your package is just around the corner? That's transactional SMS in action. These texts are the unsung heroes, providing your customers with the info they need, right when they need it. From appointment reminders to password resets, these messages are gold because they're timely and super relevant. And guess what? People actually read them, making them a powerhouse for driving real action.

Conversational SMS Marketing Campaigns

  • Now, this is where it gets interesting. Imagine having a chat with your customers via text, but it's all automated. Conversational SMS takes the cake by making your messages feel personal and, well, conversational. It's like texting back and forth with a friend, but it's your brand on the other end. This two-way street of communication is fantastic for engaging your customers in a real dialogue, making them feel heard and connected to your brand.

Benefits of SMS marketing

With a whopping 7.3 billion people predicted to be glued to their smartphones by 2026, tapping into SMS marketing seems like a no-brainer, right? Let's dive into the top five perks of using SMS to chat up your target audience:

Speedy Delivery to Customers

  • Got something urgent to say? SMS is your best bet. A staggering 95% of texts are opened within just three minutes of landing in inboxes. Picture this: you've got a flash sale that's too good to miss. Shoot a quick text, and bam, your customers are in the loop, pronto.

Sky-High Response Rates

  • Here's the deal: people are way more likely to hit you back on a text than on an email. We're talking a 134% higher chance of getting a response with SMS. It's like having a direct line to your customers, keeping them hooked and ready for whatever you throw their way next.

A Perfect Partner for Other Channels

  • Think of SMS as the Robin to your Batman marketing strategy. It plays well with others, boosting your social media buzz, pumping up your email list, or getting more eyes on your webinars. It's the sidekick you didn't know you needed, making every part of your marketing strategy shine brighter.

Fostering Customer Loyalty

  • Want to make your customers feel like VIPs? Personalized SMS messages are the way to go. Send them exclusive offers or a birthday treat, and watch their loyalty to your brand soar. It's all about making them feel special and showing them they're more than just a number.

Driving Up Revenue

  • Here's the bottom line: SMS can seriously boost your bank balance. Whether it's pushing promo sales, nudging customers to check out their carts, or getting the word out about in-store events, SMS has got your back. It's a smooth operator that fits right into your marketing mix, making spending money with you as easy as pie for your customers.

Top 10 SMS marketing best practices

Alright, let's dive into making your SMS marketing not just good, but great. Here are the top 10 tips you'll want to keep in your back pocket:

Start with a Yes

  • Before anything else, make sure your customers actually want to hear from you via text. Liz Miller, a bigwig analyst, reminds us that nobody likes surprises in their inbox from brands they didn't invite. Get that thumbs-up first, and you're golden.

Keep It Short and Sweet

  • Texts are meant to be quick hits of info. So, chop the fluff and get straight to the point. Your customers will appreciate messages that respect their time and attention span.

Make It Worth Their While

  • Everyone loves a good deal, right? Sweeten the pot with discounts or exclusive offers that make signing up a no-brainer. Just remember, not everyone's phone plan is created equal, so make those texts count.

Timing is Everything

  • SMS is all about the now. So, focus on messages that matter in the moment. Got a flash sale this weekend? Perfect. An event next month? Maybe save that for your email newsletter.

Stay Seasonal

  • Keep your messages fresh by tying them into current events or holidays. It's a simple way to stay relevant and keep your audience engaged with content that resonates.

Mix It Up

  • Don't let SMS do all the heavy lifting. Weave it into your broader marketing strategy to create a seamless experience for your customers, whether they're scrolling through their emails or their social feeds.

Know Your Audience

  • Break down your audience into bite-sized groups based on what makes them tick. This way, you can tailor your messages to fit just right, making every text feel like it was meant just for them.

Avoid the Phishy Look

  • Be careful with links in your texts. If it looks sketchy, your customers might think it's a scam. If you do include a link, make it clear they're in control and can opt out if it's not their jam.

Get Creative

  • Don't be afraid to jazz up your texts. A well-placed emoji or a clever play on words can make your message stand out in a sea of sameness. Plus, it shows your brand has personality.

Data is Your Friend

  • Every text you send is a chance to learn more about what makes your customers tick. Use those insights to keep refining your strategy, always aiming to deliver more of what they love.

Stick to these best practices, and you'll not only keep your customers happy but also turn your SMS marketing into a powerhouse channel that delivers real results.

SMS marketing software to try

Check out these game-changers:


  • Imagine having a buddy that knows exactly what your customers want to hear. That's Attentive for you. It's super user-friendly, making personalized messaging a breeze. Plus, you can buddy it up with your email list for even more targeted chats.


  • Want to make your SMS marketing feel like a natural part of your brand? SlickText is your go-to. It plays nice with whatever systems you've already got in place, thanks to its global API. And with goodies like scheduled texts, two-way messaging, and analytics, you're all set to keep your audience hooked.


  • If you're all about getting personal with your marketing, Klaviyo's your match. This platform's got all the bells and whistles for targeting folks based on what they dig, automating your messages, and syncing up with your other marketing moves. It's like having a marketing wizard at your fingertips.


  • Not so tech-savvy? No problem. Birdeye makes it easy to jump into SMS marketing without needing a degree in rocket science. Its secret sauce? You can link it up with your social media to add some flair to your texts and get your message out across the board.

With these tools in your arsenal, you're all set to make your SMS marketing smarter, not harder. Let's get texting!

Take advantage of SMS marketing

Dive into the world of SMS marketing and watch your engagement soar. It's all about meeting your customers where they spend a ton of their time – on their phones. This way, you're not just another notification; you're the one they look forward to.

Starting out, don't shy away from trying different SMS flavors. Maybe your crowd loves snagging deals and discounts through texts, or perhaps they appreciate the peace of mind that comes with instant order confirmations and shipping updates. Mixing SMS into your broader marketing mix lets you fine-tune your approach, especially when it comes to nailing your social media strategy.

So, go ahead, give SMS marketing a shot and see how it can transform the way you connect with your audience.