How to Find What Theme Website is Using?

How to Find What Theme Website is Using?

Have you ever come across a great-looking website and wished you could get the same exact theme for yourself? 

I often get asked through my Instagram DM’s.

“Hey man, how can I find what theme the website is using?” 
“Is there a way to find out what theme the website is using so I can use it for my own project?” 
“I need help finding what theme website is using, can you please help”? 

There are so many more questions regarding this topic I’ve decided to make a this guide style blog to help you solve this problem without been a computer geek or having to have any skills in web dev world.

Now remember, just because you are used to hearing platforms like WordPress, Shopify and BigCommerce, it doesn’t mean that every website out there is using a theme. Some create their own websites from scratch and in this particular case you might not be so lucky.

So don’t think every website you come across is some theme site owners purchased under $100.

Good news is that as of 2022, 72% of the websites out there are actually theme based. So there is a good possibility of chance that the website you are seeing might be using a theme that’s customized for their unique needs.

Also don’t think that just because the website is using a theme as it’s foundation, there is something wrong with doing business with that website. I know many of clients of mine who use WooCommerce theme based websites, Shopify, BigCommerce and are making a killing in online sales. You just need to simply know how to filter out poorly made themes from quality ones.

Nowadays, there are so many greatly built website templates out there, you don’t even need to make a website from scratch. Especially if you don’t have any specific functionality requirements. The bottom line is that, there is nothing wrong with using template based websites and tailoring them to your unique needs.

So how do you find what theme the website is using? 

Head on over to:


Here in the search bar, paste the website you are interested in finding what theme the site is using. 

Then click DETECT

And in a matter of seconds it’ll display the results, containing all the information you need to find what theme the website is using.

Please take a look at the results of the website I just ran through this search bar below:

Screenshot of running URL into the search bar of

As you can see is capable of giving you the name of the theme in matter of seconds without having to manually do things via inspect element. While this might not be so complicated for many tech savvy people it could be a time consuming process.

Gochyu is not only theme detector solutions out there either. There are many theme detector tools available,

For example: 

  • WPBeginner’s WordPress Theme Detector Tool
  • WordPress Theme Detector By SOTORI WEB ACADEMY 

And a numerous others which you can easily find by simply Googling it. 

The reason I recommend using Gochyu is because: 

Gochyu is currently the world’s best website theme detector tool which is available for free. 

This is the only theme detector that can currently detect the theme used on all of the following platforms: 

  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Prestashop
  • And Squarespace

Not only can they detect themes on the website builders I just listed, 

but can also detect plugins / apps used on some other website builders such as Wix. 

Along with some additional information which can be very useful in the process of building any website.

If the website you entered isn’t in the list of the website builders, this website can still detect hundreds of different CMS’/ Website builders / frameworks to let you know how the site was exactly built.

Other plugins or website tools that help you detect website themes are limited to WordPress, Shopify or some other specific website builder platform.

Go ahead and test it out yourself, it’s quick and convenient and you don’t have to do too much researching around to find answers you are looking for. All information is searchable and clickable to lead you to the main source where you can also acquire the same theme for yourself.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to check what theme the website is using, you can quickly find the information you’re looking for and move on to achieving your goals. When you have an effective design in place, you can fully optimize your website for success.

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